TEDx Stellenbosch 2015


Kara is passionate about creating spaces that enable positive change. She believes in people and their ability to inspire others with a single story. She is in love with Africa and the richness of its extraordinary diversity. Her hope is that one day, no one misinterprets Africa as being one country, but sees it as a continent that is moving forward, and saving itself. For her, this is what the theme for TEDxStellenbosch 2015 is all about. She enjoys reading, writing and debating - mostly about politics, philosophy and economics. In her free time, she studies law at Stellenbosch University.


Arnim, a Namibian that is in his final year studying a Bachelor of Accountancy and Law at the University of Stellenbosch. He always has been interested in his closer community and the interaction between different cultures on campus. From being the Chairperson of the German society to representing a year later all societies as the Chairperson of the Societies Council, shows a pursuit of discovering the diversity in interest groups in the Stellenbosch community.


Helen is currently completing her BAccLLB at Stellenbosch University and is passionate about discovering and experiencing new things. She is motivated, dedicated and aims to continuously challenge herself and make the most of opportunities. Involved mainly in academic and mentoring positions at the University, she loves teaching and sharing ideas. Her interests include social justice, marine conservation and traveling.
She became involved in TEDx Stellenbosch as she was drawn to the mission of “ideas worth spreading”. She is excited to be part of a program that aims to inform, inspire and promote discussion.


James is a second year student at the University, studying towards a BA in the Enviroment and Development, but as James explains he might see himself heading more towards South Africa’s Media industry. With experience in events organisation, community engagement and media, James is keen to invest in initiatives that creates platforms for engagement and upliftment. He believes in change that start individually with a desire not to leave a legacy, but to see the world be a better place. “I want my life to count,” says James “,I want to uplift and empower people – I want to be the difference.”


Toni is currently completing her degree in Industrial Engineering at Stellenbosch University. With a curious nature and a passion for people, Toni thrives on being challenged and enriching the lives of others. She enjoyes travelling and getting involved in community projects. For the past few years, Toni has been a keen follower of TED talks. She loves the fact that the talks can be shared with audiences that wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to them.


Coba is in her final year of a Bachelors of Science degree in Geo-Informatics at Stellenbosch University. Her interests are natural resources, remote sensing, national defence, disaster response and management, and transport systems. She is passionate about innovation and development. Different cultures and the stories that people with unique backgrounds share, fascinate her. She loves seeing how people learn from each other and how talents are put to use. The TEDx Stellenbosch project excites her incredibly as she is keen to collaborate with like-minded people to create a fresh blend of ideas and experiences to share.


Christan has an achiever mindset and is continually analysing and scrutinising himself and his efforts in order to attain and maintain a standard of excellence. His entrepreneurial edge is showcased through his two start-up businesses – Revival Skateboards and Mint Rings – and his love and passion for people through his current employment at Common Ground Church as a member of the Fuel Team, TeachMe2 as a high-school tutor and Jan van Riebeeck high school as a netball coach. His undying passion to learn and grow flows into his passion for people; inspiring and equipping them to reach their full potential. He fully believes in spreading ideas worth spreading.


Samantha Taylor is a third year BAccounting Student at Stellenbosch University. Sam is inspired by others experiences and is fascinated by lessons to be learnt from those who have already achieved in their field. Sam has gained a great passion for community involvement through other efforts with the University such as Maties MAD2 and Ser Nationals. Sam grew a fascinating interest for Ted Talks as a scholar and has continued her interest by attending other TedX Conferences such as TedX Cape town, which served as another reason for her involvement in TedX Stellenbosch


Mj Dippenaar. He is a final year student at the University of Stellenbosch, studying towards a Bachelors of commerce, majoring in Investment Analysis and Financial Management.Mj is a strategical thinker, with a inquisitive focus on implementing innovative ideas. Mj has gained valuable experience through various leadership positions on campus, such as the Executive committee of the Maties MAD2 initiative, the Economic and Management sciences faculty board, Chairing the Student Representative council & serving on the University of Stellenbosch council.


Moira is passionate about people. Everything she is and does flows from this passion. She is currently completing her LLB degree at the University of Stellenbosch and serving as the Registrar on the Societies Council. Her involvement in her church also plays a huge role in her life and contributed to her experience in organising large events. Her involvement in TEDxStellenbosch is a result of her aspiration in seeing people transform from where they are to where they need to be. Her interests include cooking, baking and networking.


Olivia holds a Bachelor degree in International Studies from Stellenbosch University, and has studied abroad at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Xiamen University, China. Olivia currently works at the Centre for Chinese Studies and is proficient in Mandarin Chinese. Her research interests include Chinese Foreign Policy and Sino-African economic relations, and she is currently developing a China-Africa short course through the University. Olivia is also on the Bonfiire team, an online social network that encourages student discussion and debate on campus. She aims to expand this network to universities across Africa and encourage inter-campus student collaboration.